September 10-15, 2023

Busan, Korea

We are looking forward to catching up with our VitroJet customers, partners, relations and many new faces from and beyond the region at the IMC20, the 20th International Microscopy Congress from in Busan, Korea.

We especially like to invite you all to our talk in:

Symposium | LS.05.03 Cryo-Electron Microscopy in Molecular and Cell Biology

Room 311 | Wednesday September 13 | 15:30-17:30

VitroJet, Moving Cryo-EM Sample Preparation into the New Era

Application Scientist Maaike Schotman will update you about the automated VitroJet. We are ready to help you move towards fully automated cryo-EM Sample Preparation.

Maaike will share the latest VitroJet capabilities like the autocycle, and how control of ice thickness is achieved. She also highlights results of today and she gives you a sneak peek in what is next. We focus on moving your cryo-EM Sample Preparation into the new era of full automation! Do you want to move forward in cryo-EM sample preparation? We invite you into the new era of sample prep.

Chairperson of the Symposium is Carsten Sachse (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany.

Below you can find all speakers in the program of this Symposium, in order of presentation:

  1. Visualizing macromolecular structures by in situ cryo-electron tomography by Peijun Zhang
  2. Molecular neurobiology by cryo-ET by Naoko Mizuno
  3. Combination of genetics and cryo-electron tomography to study the docking of outer arm dyneins onto ciliary doublet microtubule in vertebrates by Masahide Kikkawa
  4. Chromatin landscape in situ revealed by cryo electron tomography of vitreous sections by Amelie Leforestier
  5. Cryogenic Electron Ptychographic Single Particle Analysis (Cryo-EPty SPA) and Its Experimental Protocol by Peng Wang
  6. VitroJet. Moving Cryo-EM Sample Preparation into the new era by Maaike Schotman

Don’t miss out on IMC20! You can register on-site. Visit the event page for more info

We hope to meet you in-person in Busan and talk about your needs in sample preparation and how the VitroJet can help you advance your cryo-EM sample preparation results.

We are looking forward to meet you!   

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