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CryoSol was co-founded in March 2018 by our CEO, Ben Bormans. Since June 2021, the company moved to Weert, in the vicinity of Eindhoven to further grow its ambitions. Today we are a team of 25 top achievers, covering nearly 10 nationalities. We are proud to work worldwide as one team at CryoSol. Together with our distributors in China, North America, and Japan we work closely to achieve our mission. Our team consists of flexible and open-minded people who share a passion for technology and science. We share a wide array of knowledge from different walks of life. We combine business experience with technical expertise with a strong drive for innovation, teamwork and results. This is measured by our customer successes. With the team we continuously monitor our growth and impact.

We are proud of our diverse and knowledgeable team of open-minded people who share knowledge and love challenges. We work together on innovation by solving and achieving solutions for our customers. And we celebrate each small achievement along the way.

Ben Bormans


Emile Asselbergs


Tom van Osch


Richard Geschiere


Peter Peters


Bart Beulen


Frank Nijpels

R&D & Inventor

Jean-Christophe Guillaume

Manager Customer Service and Operations

Marilla Ruczynski

Marketing Manager

René Henderikx

Product Manager

Maaike Schotman

Application Scientist

Erin Leahy

Applications Scientist

Xiaolei Wang

Customer Service Engineer

Marcin Rzepecki

Customer Support Engineer

Johan van Spreuwel

Customer Service Engineer

Ronald Marx

Senior Technical Consultant

Dariush Ashtiani

Senior Development Engineer

Camiel Nijpels

R&D engineer

Twan Schoenmakers

Software Engineer

Mirei Knapen

Human Resources

Astrid Koolen

Assistent Financial Controller

Femke Bartels

Assistent Financial Controller

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