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Scientists in structural biology research and drug discovery are performing cutting edge research with high-end imaging equipment to unravel the yet unknown secrets of nature. With single particle analysis using cryo-EM, structures and complexes of macromolecules can be resolved at near-atomic resolution. With ongoing pressure to reduce the time-to-market of new drugs, the VitroJet is here to contribute in speeding up structural biology research and discovery of new drugs. In your application field, you want to prepare high quality samples to research the structures of soluble proteins, membrane proteins, larger biological structures and small molecules and ligand binding. The VitroJet is a high-tech, innovative sample preparation device for cryo-EM to complement the high-tech cryo-EM methods. It is vital innovation to advance high throughput in cryo-TEM research with high standard sample preparation in a highly controlled and reproducible manner.

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Whether you are a structural biologist for your academic or pharma research, the VitroJet helps you to prepare your samples for cryo-EM. Its controlled and reproducible manner facilitates you to gain time-critical insights for your research and drug discovery project. Recent technological breakthroughs have made cryo-EM the method of choice for the structural determination of protein complexes. For instance, membrane proteins account for over 60% of drug targets, but only 2% has been based on structure insights. So, a lot of drug discovery is yet to be performed with structure-based insights. CryoSol VitroJet is on its way to become the new standard, when it comes to sample preparation for your biological samples for cryo-EM. A few examples of biomolecules our customers have vitrified with the VitroJet technology are soluble or membrane proteins, protein complexes, larger biological structures, and small molecules, like ligands, viruses and nucleic acids bound structures, ribosomes, and proteasomes. Determining the structural features of these biomolecules is providing a higher understanding in their function. The controlled VitroJet cryo-EM sample preparation workflow holds great potential in the field of drug discovery and structural biological research. Because most proteins structures have yet to be unraveled. The automated controlled process makes the VitroJet sample preparation highly reproducible. And high-throughput of results is of essence when it comes to achieving more research discoveries that make a lasting difference in life.

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