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We work together with partners worldwide

Close collaborations because ‘two achieve more’

At CryoSol, we work together with our partners around the world to achieve our mission. We focus on becoming the leading innovator in sample preparation for cryo-EM. Sample preparation is vital to help life scientists in their quest to achieve more groundbreaking research discoveries that will make a lasting difference in life. The way forward is together.

We encourage working with ambassador facilities around the world to grant access to as many users as possible to achieve our mission. We are happy to already work together with ambassadors and partners in the three mayor cryo-EM areas of the world: North America, Asia and Europe, where our first partnerships started.

The Division of Nanoscopy and engineers from Instrument Development, Engineering and Evaluation (IDEE) of Maastricht University have been developing the next generation technology of the VitroJet. As was done on the Vitrobot, the plunge freezing device and predecessor of the VitroJet. Since the commercial launch of the VitroJet in 2020 we continued to work together with Frank Nijpels who is the R&D engineer and inventor of both solutions. New developments are going on as well as the collaboration with the M4I Division at the Maastricht University, headed by Prof. dr. Peter Peters, studying single particles, cells and organoids.

A front runner customer in the Nordics is Prof. Sarah Butcher from the University of Helsinki. Her team is very open to work with us to advance their outstanding research. The combination of novice users who are eager for automation and ease of use, high expert researchers raising the bar in structural biology, and experienced microscopists looking for real improvement, makes this a powerful combination to lead the way. Their representation within the Instruct-ERIC consortium allows access to their facility to all its members and moreover the collaboration with an innovative and experienced team in sample prep and microscopy. You can watch this teams’s latest achievement on demand in our CryoSol webinar Community.

Lastly in Europe: We are happy to partner with the EMBL Imaging Centre at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany. This fantastic Institute located in the heart of Europe breathes high tech innovation in a wonderful nature landscape. At the EMBL Imaging Centre team leader in electron microscopy service and technology development Simone Mattei embraces new approaches and close collaborations. It is a pleasure to work with his knowledgeable team on cryo-EM and advancing the vital sample preparation process. Simone welcomes many more scientists in structural biology to work on their research and sample preparation process with the now available VitroJet and several cryo-electron microscopes. This collaboration is the way forward because together we achieve more in cryo-EM research. Make sure to have a look at the webinar On Demand with Simone in which he talks about our collaboration and the achievements so far with the great team of this Institute.

We continue to seek collaborations as you can see from the scientific publications achieved with our partners. We also continue sharing knowledge and collaborating closely with all the above innovative partners EMBL Imaging Centre, the University of Helsinki, the M4I Research team of the Maastricht University in the Netherlands and ER-C Juelich. Together we work on future advancements along with other solutions. Reach out to us when you would like to start a project or partnership with us. we are all working on similar goals and we all believe this is the way forward to advance life science research through innovation in sample preparation for cryo-EM. When we work together we can improve people’s lives. Two achieve more.

Ambassador program

We also have an ambassador program in which we work together with ambassadors to demonstrate our new technology and share knowledge to advance sample preparation for cryo-EM, oversees. Let´s connect if you want to learn more about our developments, partnership collaborations and ambassador programs.

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