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We innovate sample preparation technology for cryo-EM

At CryoSol, we believe innovation in sample preparation technology is of vital importance for structural biologists to advance their cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) results. This is why our focus is on controllable and reproducible solutions. Our unique VitroJet solution helps structural biologists unravel the mysteries of proteins: the molecules of life. Proteins play a key role in developing life-changing medicines, vaccines, and cures for diseases, like COVID-19 and cancer. It will take a lot of research, knowledge-sharing and hard work to get there. We work together to achieve our mission with top achievers: our customers, our partners and our colleagues.

We innovate

At CryoSol we are passionate about science and we like to push the boundaries of technology. That is why we are driven to help structural biologists with their challenges to vitrify immaculate samples at high throughput for cryo-EM.

We work together

We are a flexible and open-minded team that thrives on sharing knowledge. We value the contributions of customers, partners, and colleagues around the world.

We achieve

Together, we can help life scientists in their quest to achieve more groundbreaking research discoveries that will make a lasting difference in life. This takes a lot of research, knowledge-sharing and hard work. But when we work together we can achieve this. Because two achieve more.

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