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Together with our customers and partners we moved cryo-EM sample preparation into the new era of automation and high-throughput. The VitroJet is now becoming the go-to device for our customers to speed up their cryo-EM workflow. The fully automated VitroJet not only grants highly controllable and reproducible sample preparation for both novices and specialists in structural biology research. The highly controlled method of the VitroJet also allows life scientists to move forward in a measurable way for decades to come. Today this means among others, an easy to use interface, the use of any preclipped grid, fully automated vitrification cycle, optical feedback and intensity analysis to determine ice thickness. This helps every scientist to bring high quality samples to the high-end cryo-electron microscope and get their 3-D reconstructions faster. The VitroJet promises to speed up the whole cryo-EM workflow and to advance research results together. It enables your team to plug into their preferred default protocols to repeat the vitrification cycle, or to choose to experiment further with different settings in a measurable way or work further on the sample in the biochemistry lab after the first cycle. The optical feedback and the intensity analysis helps your team to determine ice thickness so your cryo-EM can then be used to process quality samples. This saves precious manpower and valuable cryo-EM time, which ultimately benefits your lab financially. This innovation takes your research discoveries into the future with jet speed.

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