Download the Product leaflet VitroJet

Control and reproducibility of your samples for cryo-EM

The VitroJet is the most innovative cryo-EM sample preparation solution available: fully automated for high-throughput. The inventors moved to a whole new blotfree technology and stepped away from plunge freezing. The highly automated VitroJet, using pre-clipped autogrids, grants any scientist in structural biology research, from novice to specialist, constant reproducibility of cryo-EM sample preparation. Discover more!

Download the VitroJet product leafet.
Find specifications and learn how to:

  • Fully automate workflows so anyone to can use it
  • Prevent grid damage
  • Use any kind of pre-clipped autogrid
  • Control the ice-layer thickness
  • Use minimum sample volume
  • Visually screen the success of your sample

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