Experience the VitroJet at EMBL

August 21-29, 2022. Since the VitroJet is present at the EMBL imaging Center in Heidelberg and accessible for all, it gave us the opportunity to share knowledge during the Practical Course on Advances in Cryo-Electron Microscopy and 3D Image Processing. Our Product Manager Giulia Weissenberger was invited to put words into practise at the EMBL Imaging Centre at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany. During a weekend of lectures and sharing knowledge Giulia performed her lecture on sample preparation for cryo-EM and gave practical workshops on the VitroJet. With our VitroJet in the heart of Europe at this great spot in the EMBL Imaging Centre we collaborate on cryo-EM and advancing the vital sample preparation process. We help to improve cryo-EM research results with controllable and reproducible sample preparation. Here we have the pleasure to work together with the knowledgeable team of Simone Mattei, team leader in electron microscopy service and technology development. In the months to come we like to tell you more on how Simone welcomes many more scientists in structural biology to work on their research and sample preparation process with the VitroJet and several cryo-electron microscopes. Also you can experience the VitroJet live. Because the way forward is together.

You can request a demo through the form to experience the VitroJet live in The Netherlands or usage at our ambassadors sites, like EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany) via:

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