Live VitroJet DEMO Weeks March 2023

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

January 30, 2023.  Join our 3rd VitroJet DEMO Week starting March 27th. Take a personal test flight to experience the fully automated blot-and-plunge free VitroJet cryo-EM sample preparation solution live at EMBL.

Registration is now open. We encourage you to secure a slot in time so you and your team can experience the fully automated, blot-and-plunge free VitroJet live at EMBL. At this ambassador site in the heart of Europe we prolonged our collaboration with the team of Simone Mattei. This grants you access to the VitroJet in this region with the purpose to experience the latest innovation in cryo-EM sample preparation to advance your cryo-EM sample preparation results.

Our team is looking forward to meet you!   

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