VitroJet at Frederick National Laboratory

September 12-16, 2022. Our Product Manager Giulia Weissenberger was invited to speak at the Frederick National Laboratory (Maryland, USA) as part of their new cryo-EM training program which took place from September 12-16. The inaugural Frederick National Laboratory´s for Cancer Research’s Cryo-EM Training Program (NCEF) was available for cancer researchers to build expertise in cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) to generate high-resolution images. Giulia shared knowledge about sample preparation for cryo-EM. She spoke about the VitroJet, the newest accessible sample preparation technology in the field today. Clearly we are also proud to mention that the Frederick National Laboratory recently acquired the VitroJet.

Our new technology helps users to prepare samples in a controllable and reproducible manner because its automated workflow enables anyone to use it. This way (cancer) researchers can solve more structures of proteins and other biological macromolecules with the cryo-EM. This unsurpassed wealth of information, often drawn from a single sample, is pivotal to understand cancer development and progression, improving current therapies and developing novel approaches to treating this disease. Together with our US distributor  Nanoscience Instruments we are looking forward to working closely together with the Frederick National Laboratory. We will be happy to share more knowledge with you and the cryo-EM community to help advance cryo-EM research and contribute to your important research on cancer, aids and infectuous diseases.

Background National Cancer Institute 

The National Cancer Institute established the National Cryo-EM Facility at the Frederick National Laboratory in 2017, providing no-cost imaging to cancer researchers who lack access to these multi-million-dollar microscopes at their own institutions. The facility has completed hundreds of imaging sessions from over 50 institutions.





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