CryoSol-World’s VitroJet 1.6 simplifies achieving reproducible ice thickness for all

March 2024 – CryoSol-World (CryoSol), leading provider of cutting-edge cryo-EM sample preparation solutions, is proud to unveil the latest advancements in its fully automated VitroJet cryo-EM sample preparation solution with the release of VitroJet Software 1.6, which simplifies achieving reproducible ice thickness for all. The enhancements mark another leap forward in its unique vitrification and screening capabilities and reinforce CryoSol-World’s commitment to delivering continuous advancements to its state-of-the-art technology, empowering life science researchers.

Rene Henderikx, Product Manager at CryoSol-World: “This latest release, VitroJet Software 1.6, introduces several key features designed to optimize user experience, enhance automation, and increase productivity for all our users. This helps the scientific researchers in accelerating their research results and facilitating new discoveries.”

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Optimized user experience to reproduce results for all users

The VitroJet Software 1.6 offers an unparalleled user experience, catering to both novice and advanced cryo-EM experts. Introducing predefined protocols to obtain thin (20-40 nm), medium (30–60 nm), and thick ice thickness distribution (50-90 nm) ensure consistent high-quality in sample preparation across teams. Advanced users retain the flexibility to customize protocols for specific experiments, providing ultimate control over a wide variety of samples.

Additionally, the software features visualization of the deposition process in replay, enabling to easily toggle through frames, pause, and move to start and end. These additions support on-the-fly quality assessment to finetune parameters and empower a vast decrease in microscope screening time.  

Enhanced automation for increased productivity

Building upon its reputation for fully automated sample preparation, the VitroJet introduces enhanced automation capabilities to streamline workflows and reduce operator intervention. The system enables cleaning deposition pins in parallel with cooling down during preparation, significantly reducing preparation time with 12 minutes and increasing efficiency with 30%. Furthermore, the VitroJet now supports full automation of 12 grid preparation cycles with identical settings, maximizing productivity.

Integrated screening for instant quality assessment

CryoSol also introduces a screening option, now providing instant visibility of ice thickness per hole. Through intensity analysis functionality, users can assess ice thickness at the nanometer scale, immediately identifying optimal holes for data collection. This feature significantly reduces the number of grids needed for high-end microscopy, accelerating data collection and processing, and ultimately enhancing research outcomes.

“These innovations represent a significant step forward in cryo-EM sample preparation technology,” says Rene Henderikx. “With enhanced user experience, automation, and integrated screening capabilities, the VitroJet Software 1.6 empowers all operators to achieve unprecedented precision, reproducibility and efficiency to advance their results.”

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