CryoSol-World with VitroJet at PSDI 2022

October 2022 Let´s meet up for the Protein Structure Determination Industry Meeting 2022 Sunday October 23-Tuesday 25 at PSDI 2022! The CryoSol-World team will be present for three days with the VitroJet to share knowledge about sample preparation for cryo-EM, together with our USA distributor Nanoscience Instruments. This year Thermo Fisher is hosting the Protein Structure Determination | PSDI 2022 | Thermo Fisher Scientific – NL. Make sure to join already on Sunday October 23 for the first round table at 14:00. Both workshops take place before the the opening program. The first round table workshop includes Giulia Weissenberger, Product Manager of the VitroJet at CryoSol-World.

Workshop 1: Advancements in Cryo-EM
14:00 to 15:30
Topic A: Sample characterization and preparation
Topic B: Automation and processing

Giulia will be taking part in the round table discussion about sample preparation for cryo-EM. This round table with Edward Pryor as host, includes all current innovators in sample preparation. Giulia will share her knowledge about how control and reproducibility is achieved with the VitroJet: the fully automated, high-throughput solution. We are looking forward to three days with the cryo-EM community and sharing customer insights with the pharmaceutical industry. See you all there Sunday October 23-25!

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