CryoSol-World received investment from Regional Development Agency LIOF in the Province of Limburg, in the Netherlands

August 28th 2023, Weert & Maastricht (The Netherlands)

CryoSol-World announces today to have received an investment from the Regional Development Agency LIOF in the Province of Limburg, in the Netherlands. The purpose of CryoSol-World fits LIOF’s Fund objective to support technologies for a healthier world.

Michiel Peters, CEO CryoSol-World: “We are very pleased with the investment of the Limburg Regional Development Fund LIOF. It is great to have them on board. We are now getting ready to scale the company and expand further internationally with our VitroJet™ sample preparation solution for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM).”

Investing in a healthier world

Dennis Ohlen, team manager scale ups at LIOF: “The purpose of CryoSol-World fits our organization’s objective to support technologies for a healthier world. CryoSol-World is an innovative company that provides high-tech sample preparation technology. Ultimately it helps to speed up research that can be performed on cryo-electron microscopes and therewith the discovery of new medicines and cures for diseases. From our team Willem van Esch, investment manager, will join the existing investors at CryoSol-World to support the next phase of growth.”

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About CryoSol-World

CryoSol-World (CryoSol), founded in 2018, is an innovative high-tech company that aims to become the global leader in sample preparation technology for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). Its headquarters is based in Weert, Limburg, 10 minutes from the high-tech cryo-EM hub Eindhoven in the Netherlands. We believe innovation in sample preparation technology is of vital importance for structural biologists to advance their cryo-EM results. This is why our focus is on controllable and reproducible solutions. Our unique VitroJet™ solution helps structural biologists unravel the mysteries of proteins: the molecules of life. Proteins play a key role in developing life-changing medicines, vaccines, and cures for diseases, like COVID-19 and cancer. Together, we can help life scientists in their quest to achieve more groundbreaking research discoveries that will make a lasting difference in life. Because two achieve more.

About LIOF

LIOF is the regional development agency for Limburg and supports innovative entrepreneurs with advice, network and financing. We are available for every start-up, scaleup and small and medium-sized business (SME) with an innovative idea, a business plan or a financing request and for (foreign) entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in Limburg. We also help with cross-border cooperation and international trade. Together with entrepreneurs and partners, we are working towards a smarter, more sustainable and healthier Limburg by focusing on the transitions of energy, circularity, health and digitalization.

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