After 20 years of blotting and plunging, it’s time to change!

Bring your cryo-EM sample preparation under control with the VitroJet

We have moved cryo-EM sample preparation into the new era of automation and high-throughput. After numerous years of struggles with blotting and plunge freezing it was time for things to change! The fully automated VitroJet, using pre-clipped grids, grants constant reproducibility of sample preparation for both novices and specialists in structural biology research. The VitroJet allows every scientist to control the process and to produce high quality samples. Having a highly controllable and reproducible manner of sample preparation is a vital step for your team to advance your cryo-EM research results. Ultimately the process brings a higher return on investment. It allows you to use the imaging power of your cryo-electron microscope to its full potential. The automated VitroJet takes you into the future.

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