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We help scientists in structural biology research and drug discovery to achieve more groundbreaking research in in the life sciences field. This includes scientists around the world working at world’s leading institutes, top academia, service labs and pharmaceutical companies. Our customers at pharmaceutical companies and service labs are focused on speed to accelerate in the drug discovery research. Current sample preparation methods are the main bottleneck, of which high-throughput sample preparation can largely benefit pace of new discovery. Our customers at academia and institutes strive for controlled and reproducible sample preparation methods for cryo-EM innovative research, avoiding the highly manual and laborious current preparation methods. We provide the VitroJet solution to help you obtain reliable and reproducible results, in a high-throughput manner. The samples are produced at high quality, of which prescreening on low-end microscopes is no longer necessary due to the pre-screening process implemented in the VitroJet. Overall, this makes the VitroJet a time and cost saving solution in the field of cryo-EM.

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Our customers include institutes, academia, service labs and pharmaceutical companies around the world. We offer the VitroJet solution from hardware to software, from local Service to sharing cryo-EM sample preparation knowledge in our CryoSol Community. Here we share knowledge about sample preparation for cry-EM and the latest advances in this field. We work together to bring the innovation in sample preparation to your cryo-EM lab. So you can focus on achieving more groundbreaking research results and herewith contribute to projects to develop medicine, vaccines and produce cures for diseases like COVID-19 and cancer.

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