Application note

Speeding up the cryo-EM workflow with real-time camera feedback

The typical cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) workflow has several preparation steps before you can analyse your samples and start data collection. The conventional way of working has the following steps: sample purification and optimization, plasma treatment, sample deposition, vitrification, cryo-EM screening, data collection and particle reconstruction. Over the years, innovations have been made to simplify the acquisition and processing of high-resolution images. This is provided that you load good samples in your electron microscope, otherwise you must move back and iterate over the sample preparation stage. Often, multiple cycles of optimization are needed before the quality is sufficient to proceed with high-end data collection. Here, we describe how you can speed up the sample preparation process with the VitroJet, and benefit from enhancing the cryo-EM workflow by quality assessment with real-time camera feedback, before putting your sample in the electron microscope.

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